Travel Tips to Spend an Exciting weekend in Taipei- Taiwan

Taipei has always been a traveler’s choice for spending some quiet time from the bustling of Taiwan city. Filled with charming markets, Ye shi, also called the night markets and the hotchpotch of Sino Japanese influences, Taipei keeps up with the charming pace of life and attracts tourists from all over the world.

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Funny Reddit Stories – 17 Again

When I was 17 my girlfriend at the time was finally ready to have sex. I, as one might expect of a 17 year old, was excited. Neither hell nor high water was going to stand between me and my final destination.

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Young, with a lot of free time – Funny Reddit Stories

I was about 17 and still living at home. Pretty nice neighborhood, with houses real close together. Anyway, I was at wal-mart one day and saw they had small garden gnomes for sale for super cheap, likes couple dollars per. So naturally i bought as many as I could. I had maybe 40-50 and absolutely no idea what to do with them.

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