In a recent facebook post Amanda Milling MP has stated the tory government is not about shutting down businesses.

After doing some investigating ourselves one key industry is still receiving next to no support in the UK.

Shutting down businesses and curtailing individual freedoms is not what Conservatives do.
But we must come together to make sure the NHS is not overwhelmed and ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.

Events suppliers that provide a range of services and equipment have been forgotten when it comes to recent government support.

To gain some public confidence the government gave a round of funding to some theatres, and other events venues.

Nothing is being done to support background companies providing event support, hire and products.

Events suppliers have been left without work because the industry is not operating.

The result is thousands of background companies being forgotten about and left to pay storage for unused equipment.

Over the last few months we have seen massive hire companies and small businesses drop of the map and their entire stock sold at auction for a fraction of their value, not only has this destroyed businesses but many have been left without jobs.

The government has also suggested many people in the events industry retrain in a different aria rather than supporting them.

A campaign releasing ridiculous posters such as the one below which rightly sparked outrage amongst the community.

Rethink. Reskill. Reboot

A poster for a campaign called “Rethink. Reskill. Reboot” from the conservative government telling artists to drop a lifelong career and find a new speciality.

It’s ridiculous how they have managed to advertise such a strict discipline to change industry, ballet dancers put in thousands of hours of work to perfect their skills, study hard and train daily only to be told to retrain.

How would you feel if you trained to years to provide entertainment to be told to retrain.

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