Recently we have seen scientists report findings and give a much clearer picture on the covid-19 pandemic, details about how it is affecting daily life and long term economic problems, however over the last few weeks more information from facebook has emerged with numerous specialists claiming their research from memes and youtube videos confirms that covid-19 is in fact not real.

After many facebook users posted comments claiming their research and that the covid-19 pandemic is a hoax made up by the entire world’s government collective to control the masses of people, scientists are starting to doubt the machine learning logistics of world economics and general data studies for pandemic infection rates.

It has also been suggested that the people who “Did not fall for the hoax” will be invited to start a new life on another planet using elon musk’s new spaceship designs to ferry “The smart people” to a new world and a new beginning.

please note the information in this article may not be accurate or real at all.