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So this happened years ago, but I still remember it to this day and I still can’t believe that it happened.

So my Dad and I used to have a big Great Dane. He was sweet and beautiful and my dad was going to breed him. That is until our veterinarian made a big mistake.

Well he was taken to the vet one day cause he had a gland in his eye that was popping out. So the vet put it back in. Fast forward a few months and the same thing was happening to the second eye so the vet put it back in. A few more months later the first eye is messing up again. The Vet said he would do it again, but if it acts up again, he would take the gland out and the dog would need to have drops put in his eye for the rest of his life. My dad said to put it back in.

Here is the kicker: each time, the nurse, who I will refer to now as SN (Stupid Nurse), would call my dad saying that the dog was under sedation and would ask if he wants to continue with the operation. My dad would always say “yes”. Anyway, fast forward with this vet visit. The nurse calls my dad asking if he would like to proceed with the operation, my dad responded “yes”. A few hours later, my dad gets a call from the Vet. Here is where things get interesting.

Vet: Well, good news. There was a good open spot in the back of his eye and I was able to pop the gland back in no problem. Oh by the way, I went ahead and neutered him for you. Don’t worry I am not gonna charge you for it. I checked his other eye and……

Dad: (interrupting) Wait wait wait wait…..what was that you said?

Vet: About the other eye?

Dad: (confused) No, before that. Did you say you neutered him?

Vet: Yeah. You wanted him neutered right?

Dad: No. i was going to breed him.

Vet: (probably nervous as heck) ummm….hold on.

(Shuffling panic is heard as he gets the stupid nurse back on the phone)

SN: Mr. I clearly asked if you wanted him neutered.

Dad: (furious) Maam, I am not stupid, I know what “neutered” means. No where in that conversation between you and I, did that word ever come up.

SN: Ok. What do you want us to do?

Dad: (sarcastic) Put his balls back on!!!

(Dead Silence over the phone for a good 5 seconds)

Dad: Maam, I know that you cannot put his balls back on. My dog is useless now. (Also, sarcastic) Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

So my dad goes to pick up our dog and leaves without paying a penny. He never went back to that vet. The good news is, the eye gland never popped out again.