Oh my goodness. I just found this group cos I was looking for an am dram group to post some of my stories in . Excellent! I am in UK. Our small town is blessed with a tiny, 98 seat am dram theatre. For about fifteen years I was an integral part of the group and on the committee for a while. Never an actor but all other jobs were in my remit. My husband was a director and actor and I, usually the producer, a blanket term for all the other jobs, costume, props, set painting, stage manager and publicity! One play was memorable for an incident which happened after the play had finished and we’d gone home for the night. Play was called Dead Funny and called for a food fight with trifle and custard pies all made with shaving foam sort of stuff and colouring. These would stick to the walls and I usually scraped them off before I went home. There was also a life sized baby doll in a carrycot backstage in the props area. One night I just left the custard tarts on the wall as I was tired and planned to come in in the morning and get stuck in. Got a phone call in the morning to say that police had been called in the middle of the night as the motion alarm had gone off. The police found no robbers but had a shock when they found the “ baby!). I never told them that I figured out what had happened. One of my custard pies was on the floor with a yellow stain down the wall as it had obviously slid down in the night causing the motion sensor to trip the alarm to the police control center!!!!! Ooooops!!!