I was about 17 and still living at home. Pretty nice neighborhood, with houses real close together. Anyway, I was at wal-mart one day and saw they had small garden gnomes for sale for super cheap, likes couple dollars per. So naturally i bought as many as I could. I had maybe 40-50 and absolutely no idea what to do with them.

A few days later I was walking my dog, pit-bull/ boxer mix and the sweetest thing, and I passed a lady with a small dog. This little dog started barking at mine and this lady fucking kicked my dog. I didn’t know what to do but I saw her rush home and go inside, and that’s when I got an idea. Every night between 11:30 1:00 I would walk up to her front door and put one gnome just right in their entry way.

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I’d get up the next day for school and sometimes see her look at it and throw it away. As the days passed I got more creative and started hiding them, or putting them in little scenes. One day I saw her and her husband yelling at each other pointing at them. I am pretty sure I drove them insane and it was well worth the money I spent. Don’t kick my fucking dog.

This is a funny story, personally if I were in this position id like to think I would do the same but I can’t see myself ever buying that many gnomes, great little story.

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