1. Solar Powered Robot, pre cut kit.

Be amused for hours building it then a few more playing with it, a toy you can really get some satisfaction from. £24.99 on amazon prime!

This kit includes a laser-cut kit from thin wood, you can assemble this and add the supplied electronics resulting in your very own Marz rover for outdoor exploration.

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2. Arduino

A development kit for learning and projects with electronics the Arduino is also great for learning how to code in C++.
Set yourself up for a job for life with the skills that are free online with this amazing toy.

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3. Raspberry PI, The smallest computer for learning.

Pre-installed with Noobs, an easy to use system for choosing your OS, this unit will inspire creativity through graphic learning systems such as Scratch or learning how computer programming works with easy to use editors. 

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4. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a game that will make you laugh your socks off, with quirky characters and amazing graphics who knows what card you will get next, relatively new to the game scene exploding kittens is a modern and exciting game of skill and luck.

The aim of the game is not to explode and be the last player playing, there are ways to defend and save yourself so get playing and good luck.

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5. Metal Meccano Kit 5-IN-1

Metal Meccano is an amazing way of taking some time up, especially when there are 5 things to build in one set!

This kit includes 5 different vehicle types for you to meticulously build.

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6. BBC Microbit GO

AN amazing educational tool to learn and develop coding languages, plug into your home computer and control the LED’s on the MATRIX board with the BBC Microbit.

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7. Scratch App – Free!

Learn to code an entire game with ease using a graphic user interface, mentioned above for use with the Raspberry PI, Scratch also runs on windows and android!

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8. Snap Cubes.

If you can’t remember playing with snap cubes in school, well I feel sorry for you.

Dive into memories and create some towers with your kids, learn maths and use them to understand fractions.

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9. K’nex

A whole bunch of sticks, axels and connectors that let you create almost anything! This set can be made into 50 different things from dinosaurs to cars and includes a motor to make your models propel forward.

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10. Geomag

Geomag offers a collection of metal balls, plastic shapes and magnetic rods… combined they can create an awesome range of items that can defy gravity and spin like the wind.

This set offers special spinning brackets and more!

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11. Build Your Own Robot Arm

What more could you dream of, a third arm? well, here you go… Amazon are offering a robot arm for under £30.

This robot kit will keep you amused for hours building and putting it together, no coding is required, just assembly.

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