In this post we will be learning how to make a Homemade smoke grenade, follow these instructions and you to will be able to create some awesome smoke bombs, please remember though always be safe and ensure you use your homemade smoke grenade for fun only as well as ensuring a safe environment.

Time needed: 30 minutes

  1. Get your ingredients and tools together.

    300g of potassium nitrate.
    200g of sugar.
    A roll of tin or aluminium foil. (Bonus if you have some old used shotgun cartridges)

  2. Mix ingredients.

    Using a medium heat, we will mix both ingredients together in an iron skillet or frying pan to form a brown goo like substance.

  3. Make tinfoil casings for your smoke grenades.

    To keep your smoke grenades in one piece and usable we will create small housings for the goo,
    I prefer to make a small covering over my thumb to create a small tube like pellet.

  4. Poor in the goo.

    Fill your pellets with the goo before it hardens, we need to ensure the goo dries solid inside the pellet casing.
    personally I find it easier to use a teaspoon to maneuver it in.

  5. additional fuse.

    If you wish to create a fuse, saturate some wool in the goo mix, this will burn through and give you a few seconds to
    put your creation down and get to a safe distance.

  6. Set Them Off

    You can set your smoke grenades off by using a match placed in the pellet as well as using the fuse described above,
    effectiveness may vary subject to the chemicals used.
    Have fun, Be safe and always wear protection.

Potassium Nitrate

Disclaimer: Take Three Media is not liable for any damage or harm caused or inflicted by any persons who have created this smoke grenade, if you wish to build this device, do so at your own risk, chemicals used are dangerous and extreme caution should be taken when working on this project.

Remember, safety first.