Would you let your kid climb over the latest and hottest car in the showroom? we wouldn’t, I hope they got a stern telling off for this one!

Parents let their kid crawl all over a new 2020 GT500 from r/trashy

This is certainly one way to make your customers want to leave.

This sign from r/trashy

I wonder what the tattoo artist was thinking when he had to make this “Alteration”.

Facebook is a dump.. from r/trashy

What would you do if someone decided to soak you like this?

Poor dude got absolutely soaked from r/trashy

We don’t condone drugs, not the harmful ones… I wonder if this person ever collected theirs.

Drop your coke? Pick it up at the local police station! from r/trashy

Wow… I would be quite upset if this person walked into my store and sat on fresh produce others might want to eat…

The lunchmeat counter is a dangerous game from r/trashy

Oh Heck No… Who washes their dog in a public drinking fountain…

Man washes dogs backside on a drinking fountain from r/trashy

You humans really have some trouble with using water fountains in the correct way…

Continuing the fountain theme… from r/trashy

These people look like a whole load of fun…

Home Sweet Home from r/trashy

This parent loves their child, smoking is very expensive nowadays…

His school must have the most adorable smoke pit from r/trashy