An old device used for canning.

It’s designed to be sat on whilst cutting coconuts.

A press for cider, designed to make alcohol.

A Bear Claw, for pulling in fishing nets without hurting your fingers, what a neat idea!

They’re splicing fids for splicing ropes together. You drive the spike between the strands of the rope so you can fit a strand of a different rope through.

A cookie dropper, you squeeze it, pick up some dough then let go to drop it on the tray.

This is an egg yolk separator device.

Candle wick clippers, you have to clip the wick somehow!

This device was found above train lines, specifically to stop fare dodgers from hiding on the roof of trains!.

A vile of some solution, most likely medical related.

A bone marrow spoon, fer getting bone marrow to eat, something I don’t think many people do now days.

A rather lovely coin holder from france, simply push your coins inside the slots.