The Elephant.


In this beautiful image, you can see a man riding his elephant whilst a young boy holds the trunk.

Tea Fields.

Tea Fields

Here you can see Indian women working in the beautiful tea fields, it seems a peaceful life we could all do with a little off.

A wonder of the world

Taj Mahal

Here you can see one of the wonders of the world in its true glory, the Taj Mahal is a beautiful building that truly can never go out of fashion.

How to travel.


Whilst the roads are big there is not much room, a normal way of travel might be by rickshaw, its very common and normal for the culture.


Food & Spics

Here you can see typical spices and food from India, if you know what they are, please tell us!

Bengal Tiger.

Bengal Tiger

A magnificent creature located in India, the Bengal tiger if you can catch a glimpse of one is something truly amazing to see.


Ceremonial dancing

Here you can see a typical ceremonial dance by Indian women in Bodoland.

Lotus Mahal.

Lotus Mahal

Lotus Mahal is an ancient temple with beautiful gardens, if you can visit, do visit!.