We use toothbrushes every day, most are made from plastic and are sent to landfill after use, bu using an Eco-friendly alternative your saving the planet, the future and well in some cases money.

Silicone, Strong and very reusable, this product replaces an item that usually ends up in landfill, great for removing makeup, oil and other things were also saving valuable space and resources by having one of these each.

What A Gem!, this bottle its a great size and is made from solid stuff, buy buying a metal reusable bottle your preventing plastic buildup in the oceans, however funds from the sales of this bottle go directly to cleaning up the ocean, its a double win!

Everyone who has a dog and some who don’t will know how fun it is following a dog with a bag, well lets do our bit and take a look at some more Eco friendly ones.

When it comes to plastic bags we should be doing something, here is something i use for my fruit, it keeps it together and protected.