Go dancing

Dancing can be a great way for two people to connect in an intimate way, especially in a world where smartphones are the normal way of communication, dance provides touch an intimacy, we definitely suggest giving it a go. You might even enjoy it!


Making a scrapbook with your significant other is an amazing way for you both to share memories you have created, it will also give you an amazing tool to connect later on in life or with your partner or children


Cooking a meal together can be romantic and beneficial, learning to get along and work together will help to create a life long bond and help you to understand each other in deeper ways.

Games Night

A great way to connect and have a good time is to play some games, this could be some sort of card game like cards against humanity (Found Here) or even just poker, make your evening more fun by inviting other couples over, who knows what could happen.

Take a bath together

Taking a bath with your significant other can be a very relaxing experience, we recommend this for valentines day as its easy, cheap and can be very exciting.