• Coronavirus Mutations are inevitable but are not as bad as you might think. Other common viruses are much harder to combat.
  • Different Vaccines will ensure we are able to vaccinate against coronavirus, this will ensure we have some form of protection.
  • Other viruses such as the flu are more volatile at mutating and will come back different every year even then still mutating.

The Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a generally calm virus when we talk about mutations and changing it RMA or DNA, the virus is capable of mutating and may change up to twice a month, a recent strand found in Norfolk, England has hit the news but scientist are confident it will make no effect to the vaccine.

Viruses mutate as a way of staying alive, our bodies are designed to combat anything that may do harm so we create pathogens to fight them, therefore the virus replicates or create more of itself and mutates into stronger versions to evade our bodies destroying them.

Its normal for our bodies to eventually destroy a virus by creating the correct pathogens this is how we build our immune system, if the body recognises the virus again it will release the pathogen it used to kill it off last time making the virus a short lived and relatively unnoticed event in our bodies.

Will the virus become immune to the vaccine?

This is a difficult question, its highly unlikely that the virus will mutate enough for the vaccine to be ineffective but there is always a small potential, one thing that plays on our side is the amount of different vaccines globally we are working on, if one vaccine becomes ineffective we have another to fall back on.

This is how we combat the flu, each year a global consortium brings there research together and decides on the best vaccine to globally mass produce to hand out to the people who need it most, the UK is actually one of the best at producing good results we are pretty smart when it comes to medication!

Once we have a formulation to make a vaccine we create the strand in chicken eggs and kill the virus off before giving it to the private sector to manufacture into the finished product, pretty unique way of curing flu if you ask me.

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