The Three Gorges

The Three Gorges are an astonishing set of gorges in china, well worth a visit!

Canton tower

The Canton tower, something I’ve driven past whilst in china, is an amazing piece of modern artwork in the middle of a beautiful skyline, visible from most of the main roads in the area you can’t miss it.

Beautiful Roofing

Common across china, this old style of roofing stayed strong and still looks amazing today.

The Yangtze River

A beautiful, traditional boat in the Yangtze River


Dense arias of bamboo provide amazing building materials and food for animals.

Guangxi Fishermen

Fishing on the beautiful rivers of Guangxi would be a brilliant thing to experience yet an everyday talk for these men.

Shanghai City

One of the many huge cities in china, we think the lights are stunning.

The Great Wall

The great wall of china is truly massive, to understand just how massive it is, you have to visit.

Farm Land

Chinese farm or rice ledges, a lot of green land in china looks visually similar to this.