Here is our list of YouTubers who make interesting and funny content worth watching!

Take Three Media has compiled a list of the best YouTubers. Take a look and see if you like them.

1. We will jump right in with number one and who else could it be other than PewDiePie.

PewDiePie – Youtube Profile

PewDiePie has been posting content for the whole family for over 10 years!. His first video with over 17 million views was him playing the popular online game Minecraft, along with uploading other games such as Call Of Duty and Amnesia.

His more recent video stream is still aimed at the latest games, including minecraft, but with more of a focus on him as a person.

If you like adventure, Gaming and family friendly content, PewDiePie is the youtuber for you.

2. Our second favourite YouTube is a master of interest, Cody Ko.

Cody Ko – Youtube Profile

Cody Kolodziejzyk AKA Cody Ko is a youtuber creating interesting content for over 5 million subscribers.

His contents is mostly looking at people and how the operate, picking apart stereotypes and talking about them in his videos.

He ads a comical twist in his videos leaning into the people he is talking about.

3. Our next youtuber is renowned for giving away anything from money to cars, gaming consoles and more… Its Mr Beast.

Mr Beast – YouTube Profile

Mr Beast is known as the Youtuber for giving away anything and anything is some pretty crazy ways.

Just shy of 50 Million subscribers he has an epic following and he love to share with them, often giving free stuff to his subscribers.

Mr Beast originally started around 8 years ago making those infamous Minecraft videos as well as other games for a good few years before finding his niche in giving things away for free!.

4. In a number for with just under 5 Million subscribers is Adam Savage’s Tested.

Adam Savage’s Tested – YouTube Profile

Adam savage the myth busters legend has a YouTube channel and its exactly what you imagine it to be, full of creativity and ingenuity.

The channel it self is over 10 years old but Adam didn’t appear for the first few years, he used his fame tor really build up the show.

The movie prop maker has now taken over the channel and really made something of it showing of amazing builds and creations.

5. Our next youtuber is The Side Men, a whole groups of YouTubers

The sidemen are a relatively new channel on youtube and create crazy and new content often putting themselves in strange places and messing around, it’s more like a lads weekend out blog.

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